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Just when I thought I was out of material on the De Laune and Faunce
families more interesting facts arrived on my lap.

Firstly, a telephone conversation several weeks ago, with Mark, our editor,
to say what a brilliant job he has done with our photo albums. Whilst we
were chatting I happened to mention that I had at one time Alan de laune
Faunce’s ‘A family that went out to the World’ more or less downloaded
from the web on my old computer and had intended to have it transferred
onto our website, but had lost it when I updated my computer. I had
originally found it under a Tim Faunce Brown’s website (yes he is a Faunce

After I put the phone down from Mark I googled Tim but could no longer find
the site relating to Alan’s history, I will try again. In the meantime I
happened to come across his Dad’s website, Michael is a writer, producer
and writer of a full feature action movie ‘Fight Back on DVD, and a trumpet
player, among other things. I found part of one of his books ‘Blowing my
own trumpet’ on the web and after reading a couple of pages I found
reference to his grandmother living in a 51 roomed house in Ashford Kent off I went.

                             More of this later, when I have read the book which
                             I ordered from Amazon, and which arrived today.

                             The next morning my Peckham Society News arrived
                             and low and behold first page is about Sir George
                             Livesey’s statue .............I’ve never heard of him!

                             Next, an e mail from Lesley Russell about two De
                             Laune pictures up for auction and a mystery
                             surrounding them.

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