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beat him? Jim Kloss. Peter Jenn in the younger age group, 70-74, took bronze in
the pursuit in a time of 2.50.807secs, well done to Peter as well. By the time
you read this the KCA reliability will have passed, hope you all had a good ride.

The Belgium Night is looming, and I am looking forward to it, as it is always a great
night, this will be my last time in the ‘big chair’, where did five years go?

Don’t forget that our remembrance service, at Newnham, is on the16th November,
the service will be at 10.30am and Roy Boy will be giving the sermon, don’t let that
put you off! As usual I have arranged for the George to be open at 9.30am for
coffee, and also to give your lunch orders. I would appreciate a call or e mail if you
are lunching, at least the week before, as the landlord has requested this. I have
told him to expect somewhere in the region of 25–35 people, but he seems to
want a more precise number, so I will do my best to accommodate him with your

I have had an e mail from Dot and elsewhere there should be at least one picture
of her presenting Alured Faunce Delaune with his 125 anniversary badge, it’s
great to have Alured ‘on board’ for which I hope will be for many years.

I went to the Catford Hill climb last Sunday (19 Oct) where the usual De Laune
crowd were ‘on the hill’ or should I say ‘over’ namely, Kav, Tich, Mike and Roy Boy,
and we were joined by Mick and Debbie. Seen later in De Laune kit, or in other
words on their bikes, were Steve Carter-Smith, then Christian with James (Batten)
and Jeremy (Phillips).

My 12 hour sponsorship monies are coming in and if you made a pledge and have
yet to hand it to me, could you please send a cheque (payable to me). That is, of
course, if you are not going to the Belgium Night or Newnham, as I hope to have
gathered in all monies by the beginning of December. The total sum when all pledges
are in is over £900 and with a bit of encouragement could reach £1,000. So if
you have not sponsored me, as yet, please feel free to do so, I know Demelza House
would appreciate a nice round four figure sum. Thanks to all for your support. My
mileage is now confirmed at 190.551 miles, so I have the age 75 record, and if I
reach £1,000 I will have ridden at £5.25 a mile or put another way £83.33p an
Hope to see many of you on the 7 .

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