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Dear Val,
Thank you so much for your letter of the 18 September and I apologise
for my belated reply.

I would like to make a small donation to the De Laune CC and I will adopt
one of the two methods you advised.

I had the pleasure of meeting a very charming Dot and her daughter last
Friday. I was interested to learn that both she and her daughter had met
their respective husbands at the De Laune CC which in my opinion is most
definitely a preferred venue to a contemporary internet “meet site”! Dot
produced a photo of her husband being presented with a club trophy in 1951
by my grandmother Margaret Faunce-de Laune a copy of which I attach
together with a photo of Dot presenting me with an enamel club badge.

You referred in your letter to my grandparents Margaret and Alured. Their
only child Hubert was my father. My childhood was spent in South Africa
and I never had the opportunity to meet my grandfather who died in 1949.

I got to meet my grandmother in 1952 when my sister Manon and I stayed
with her in Devon for several months. During that time she took me to see
Sharsted Court which I hope to visit again when I am next in the UK.

Thank you again for your letter and I will contact you again re the donation.

Kind regards

Alured’s father was also a Vice President of the club. Ed.

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