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A vice presidents meeting in Australia

Dear Malcolm
Suzanne and I met with Alured Faunce De Laune and his friend Yvonne last
Friday. We had a lovely couple of hours together.
Alured was particularly interested in the De Laune family history and very
impressed with the work that you have put in on that history. He reads
the DLNs and enjoys seeing the history articles there.

I showed him a photograph of Ken
being presented with the Club Hill
Climb trophy in 1951 by Mrs De Laune.
He was thrilled to see it. It felt a
little surreal – all of us sat in my
lounge here in Adelaide looking at our
family members from the past.

Here are some photos from the
occasion when I presented
Alured with his De Laune 125th
year anniversary badge. If they
are too large, please email
Suzanne and she will send
smaller versions.
Perhaps you can send them
and this note to Mark for the
Thanks also for the pictures
you sent of Alan Rowe and
Pete Jenn at the track - great
to see.
Finally, hope the Belgium night goes well – I still miss being there for it.
Love Dot

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