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is now needed. The total
fitting-out costs look set
to be in the region of
£40,000, but every little
helps. You will be welcome
to donate at

.As a separate piece of
fundraising, Herne Hill
Youth CC ran a sponsored
cycle ride in September to raise more money to keep our trails in good nick
through the winter. More than 70 young members rode round and round –
we had a ‘long’ lap of 750m, and a ‘short’ lap of 250m for the smaller kids –
there was one 11-year old who did 71 laps of the long circuit (51km), and a
7-year-old who did an amazing 161 laps (37km) of the small circuit! We didn’t
realise, but he was practically in a trance at the end – someone said to him
‘Now you’ve got to do 160 laps of the big circuit……and off he went! I had to
run after him to stop him, he was quite relieved, but I don’t think he knew
what planet he was on by that point!

Also at Herne Hill I’ve just been organiser of a cyclo-cross race. It’s only a
regular leage event, but cyclo-cross has really taken off now, and this was
an enormous event, with 390 entrants! I wonder if De Laune should think
about going to where the riders are, rather than waiting for them to come
to us? Just a suggestion for the debate!

I also got an invitation to go to the old Clubroom in Choumert Road a couple
of weeks ago. It is still quite a work in progress – when the Rendalls first
bought it from us in 2003 they hadn’t quite factored in two daughters! A
second floor is still planned for the front of the building, though the timescale
isn’t fixed yet

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