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This photograph is of the Old Post Office in Doddington Village and is dated
       1909; the Post Office is now a private house. If coming from the Maidstone
       direction, members of the club would pass this building on the left-hand side
       of the road on their way to Newnham for the annual Memorial Service.

       Last year as I drove to the service I noticed a chap with a pot of red paint
       giving the building a spruce-up. By chance I had a copy of the original postcard
       with me, so stopped to show him what the building had looked like some 107
       years ago. He was delighted, especially when I told him he could keep the
       postcard. Apparently his wife was out walking the family dog and he assured
       me that she would be just as thrilled to see the card. He pointed out that
       the building opposite is now used as a community hall (it is hardly visible
       these days as it is hidden behind a very high hedge). After a brief chat about
       the De Laune and our annual pilgrimage to Newnham, we shook hands and
       left the best of pals.

       Readers, I am sure you have been absolutely intrigued with this fascinating
       slice of history - alas, you will have to wait until next month to find out where
       the postcard came from

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