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I met up with 15 guys for the run including Steve Valentine, Roy Savery,
       Steve and Henry Carter Smith and who should turn up at the last minute
       Peter Jenn, all from our club.

      We set off in glorious weather to our first stop  at a little bar in Guines. We
       had a few beers in the bar but after a few minutes the heavens opened up
       but, as I planned it, it stopped after 10 minutes.

      We split the group into two units for safety reasons but we lost the back
       group a few times due to traffic lights. We arrived at our restaurant called
       La Fregate at Ardres that we had used over the last 10 years but it had new
       owners who could not speak English. The menu was all in French. I wanted the
       chicken meal I had to wave my arms about and make a noise like a chicken
       and it worked.

      The problem came when the cost of the meals all came on the  same bill. I
       asked the lady on the till  whether we could we tell her what we had so that
       we could pay individually but I would pay, or my club would pay any shortfall.
       I was the last to pay and the bill was spot on.

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