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                        If you compare the photograph of the dedication of the
                        club war memorial shown on the front cover of this issue
                        of the DLN to that shown on page 64 of the Club History
                        you will note that they are different; the one shown in the
                        Club History was, in fact, taken in 1929 but is dated 1920.
                        One of the names on the memorial is 2nd Lieutenant Walter
                       Webster DSO, who died of his wounds on the 10th February
                        1917 and is buried in the British Cemetery near the village
                        of Fleurbaix in Northern France.

       On the 10th February this year, one hundred years to the day, I laid a British
       Legion wreath on behalf of the club at the foot of our memorial at Newnham.
      At the same time, Walter’s nephew, Graham, visited Fleurbaix with his eldest
       son, Piers, and his family to pay their respects (his eldest son, Ross, could
       not attend as his children’s school would not allow them to miss a day’s
       schooling. As Ross commented, on such an historic occasion, the school
       could perhaps have made an exception!).

                                                            Derek Boon &

                                                             Sunday 22     nd

                                                           At a very windy


       Photo by Ruth King
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