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The motor cycle riders also used to put on a
                                    show as you can see but no doubt stopped by
                                    the “Health and Safety” rules that abound
                                    these days.

                                    After Avignon
                                    we rode down
                                    to the coast
                                    and     along
                                    through  St
                                    Tropez,  Nice,
                                    San    Remo
                                    and along the
                                    Riviera   dei
       Fiori  to  Alassio  where  I  had  friend  with  a
       ristorante and letting rooms.. We came back
       the same way which as a lot of you will know
       is part of the Milan San Remo route and we
       played at being “racers” as you can imagine.

      We took the train back to Paris from Toulon and the flight home. Happy days,
       where have the years gone I ask(and were we ever that young)?

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