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                      Well if Boris can do it surely I can.So for next couple of years
                      I entered the ballot to receive the sorry envelopes.Then this
                      year the congratulations envelope arrived.

                      So the doubts and the training started. Too many people
                      telling me about crashes etc and I had already experienced
                      one of these on the London to Brighton a few years ago. A
       week was booked for Majorca Sunvelo everything was going to plan. Two weeks
       before Majorca I had a fall from my horse and I thought it was a bad sprain.
       Majorca was everything I hoped for plenty of miles and climbs. On my return
       my ankle was still swollen so thought some anti inflammatory would help.
       Long story short I had a broken fibula and had to wear an airboot for 4 weeks.
      When I asked could I ride after that I think the doctor was a bit cross as he
       said" you have broken your leg so no". Well it is possible to turbo with an
       airboot and a flat pedal. When at a Sigma sport event with Mick a lot of guys
       were telling me how to screw in a shoe plate into the boot.

       I completed the 80 mile Cambridge Gran Fondo in 5 hours 8 minutes but as
       there were no hills I was still dubious about the ride 100. I stuck to the
       training plan sent out as much as possible and I did get a bit obsessive about
       it,even Mick complained.

      The morning arrived and Mick dropped me off at West Croydon Station 4:30
       for the start of a long day. Well what was all the fuss about. It was great. I
       always seemed to have plenty of room to ride even up Leith Hill. Anyone who
       was at Malcolm's BBQ would of been aware of my updates to Mick. My aim
       was to get round without being sent on the shortcuts which I managed with
       plenty left in the tank. I finished in a riding time of 6:42 and actual time 7:12
       I had thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Would I do it again????

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