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Land's End to John O'Groats Challenge 9 Days

      The journey from Land's End to John O'Groats takes you from the extreme
       south western tip of England, through much of the finest countryside in the
       British Isles, to the very top of the Scottish mainland. The attractions of
       such a route are obvious and ever since the invention of the bicycle people
       have been inspired to ride the 'End to End'.

      The first official time recorded over the distance is 65 days, 16 hours and 7
       minutes, ridden on a penny farthing in 1880, and since then the route has
       been covered on everything from a bed to a motorised bar stool!! Today the
       record is held by Gethin Butler who in September 2001 covered the distance
       in an incredible 1 day, 20 hours,4 minutes and 20 seconds. The ladies record
       of 2 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes and 11 seconds is held by Lynne Taylor.

      There is no 'official' End to End route and thus no official distance. There are
       numerous published guides to the route, they all vary slightly in the roads
       they take, but most make the distance around 1,000 miles. By using main A
       roads some of the record breakers have managed to reduce the distance to
       barely 850 miles. Our route, which has been honed over many years, comes
       in at around 910 miles; you will be astonished that such a densely populated
       county can be journeyed on such quiet and beautiful roads!

      This trip is designed for people who are prepared! You will be riding between
       90 and 115 miles a day, and there are no rest days. Our route is fairly direct,
       but  we  have  designed  it  so  that  you  pass  through  some  of  the  most
       attractive  areas  of  the  UK,  as  well  as  avoiding  busy  roads  as  much  as
       possible. You should be aware that parts of the UK are very hilly, and we pass
       through some of these. We have avoided hills if we can, however we generally
       take the route over hills rather than add additional miles by passing them.
      We ride through some large urban areas - in particular around Bristol,

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