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Ride London-Surrey 100
                              30th July


                                      Amazing day yesterday riding for Bloodwise.
                                      Woke  up  around  2am  to  the  sound  of  a
                                       biblical  downpour,  but  thankfully  it  had
                                       stopped raining by the time I left at 3.50
                                       am. A 50 minute ride to QEOP, a quick cup
                                       of tea & then into the holding area before
                                       a  6:32  am  start.  Wet  roads  slowed  me
                                       down a bit, but soon picked up the pace &
                                       several  times  I  found  I  was  leading  a
                                       peloton! The hills slowed my pace & found I
                                       was  15  mins  behind  schedule  at  Box  Hill.
                                      Approaching Leatherhead I picked up the
                                       pace & flew into Kingston & Wimbledon.

                                       My increased pace meant that by the time
                                       I  reached  The  Mall  I  was  only  3  minutes
                                       behind the target time of 5 hours 30 min's.
      The support around the course was amazing, with elderly people sitting in
       watching in small villages through to the crowds in larger towns & in London.
       I then went to the Bloodwise reception for a drink & something to eat and
       meet up with other Bloodwise riders. Strava route:  A  short  animation  of  the
       ride: Thank you

              £535.00 raised of £500

           target by 21 supporters

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