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members too. At the time of writing a date has not yet been set for his
       funeral – I’ll put some news out as soon as I hear anything.

       On a brighter note, some serious respect must also go to young Roy Savery,
       aged 18, who’s just starting his epic 950-mile Land’s End to John O’Groats
       ride in aid of Jela Foundation, a water aid charity. Have I got that right?
       Press release says he’s 81, but surely no 81-year-old would be quite so stupid?
       Either way, visit and give lots of money!

       Bill Wright

               END TO END

      When you read this I will be well and truly in my 9 day challenge of riding
       from Lands End to John O'Groats and riding to bring to peoples attention the
       plight of the people of Haiti. I have been interested in the people of Haiti for
       over 34 years. The Jela Foundation of which I am now connected are trying
       to raise 1 Million pounds to expand on what we are already doing.

       My bike ride has been organised by Bike Adventures.
       I hope to see you all soon

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