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P. 3           Septembar 2017          No. 1022- 88  Year
                CLUB NIGHT
             SECOND MONDAY
             OF EACH MONTH                 1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            104 BURBAGE ROAD                   CYCLING CLUB
             LONDON SE24 9HE
                                               All the President’s pen

             PRESIDENT                      I’m very sad to report that Francis
                                            Rudd  passed  away  on  Sunday  13 th
         61a Burns House
           Kennington                       August  aged  63.  He  had  been
            SE17 3SX                        suffering with a brain tumour since
               020 7735 9605
                                            March this year. I first met Francis
                CHAIRMAN                    (Franny) in the early 90s as his son
            ROY SAVERY        Dan (Danny) was joining the Club, so I only had only
             01959 777455
                              heard rumour and legend of him in all kinds of exploits
             SECRETARY        on a tandem and apparently amazing bike handling,
          JEREMY WHITE        scaring his stokers witless.
          101 Manor Park
                  SE13 5RQ    Francis  put  together  our  De  Laune  Junior  team
            07565 151457
                              during the 90s. He taught me a lot during this time
               TREASURER     – not only about racing and how the sport works, but
          RICHARD PREECE      also about perspective:  that while someone can take
             8b Wellfield Road  the sport as seriously as they wish – it has to stay
                  SW16 2BP
               07580 813114   fun as well. Even so, there was a lot of dedication
                              and attention to detail, as well as a lot of mileage
          DAVID HAGGART       up and down the country with the team.
         388 Elmers End Road
             Beckenham        He and his wife Mary ran the Christmas Clubrun and
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                              lunch for many years until the sale of the Clubroom
            0208 658 7419
                              in 2003. We’ll miss his warm and genial personality.

                              Our  condolences  are  with  Mary  and  Dan,  and  his
                              brothers Joe and Dave, and many other family

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