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Dear Paul

I have searched through the De Laune Club’s records and have made enquiries
amongst members who were active in the 1950 to 1970s but there are no
references to an E Shaw and no club member can recall anyone by that name.
It is a complete mystery as to why he would have had his name and that of
the club placed on a Hetchins frame. Hetchins were a north London frame
builder and as the De Laune has always been based south of the Thames,
principally in the Walworth and Peckham areas, members would have used
one of the numerous south London frame builders. Our records are pretty
comprehensive, for example an H Shaw joined the club in March 1911 and
resigned in July 1916

I am sorry that I cannot provide any more positive information.

Regards           Cont. over
Brian Saxton

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