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Hi Mark
I was amused to see the page about my recent activities in the latest DLN.

As whoever Googled me found, cycling is still a big part of my life. I have been
a cycle instructor for the last 6 years, mainly working all over
Northamptonshire with Year 5 and 6 schoolchildren on a Bikeability scheme.
I am also an adult education tutor and teach adults cycling, from learning
to ride a bike right up to on-road training on busy roads.

Also, those years of being Club Captain with Janet has been very useful as I
am a British Cycling lead rider. I lead rides within the Skyride Local programme
and am a Breeze champion.

I also lead rides for the junior section of my son, James’s, triathlon club.
James, at only just 13, is now taller than me and soon I won’t be able to keep
up with him on a bike. Another experience from De Laune days was being
clothing secretary and I am doing that again for James’s triathlon club.
Much of what I do is about encouraging people who are just starting out to
cycle which is great but I don’t get as much time to just enjoy riding my bike
as much as I’d like.

I’m often in touch with Janet. She is still in Edinburgh but we get together
when we can. She stayed with us over New Year and we got out on our bikes
which was great (hard work for me though as she’s much fitter than me)

Anyway, I enjoy reading DLN still and seeing that the club is still going strong.
Katie Chown

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