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Hi All

The time has come to think about our day out Club Run to France.
The date will be the Saturday the 14 May. The same format as
last year. A steady flat ride to Ardres for lunch at the La Fregate
Restaurant with a stop at Guines for refreshments. Total mileage
approx. 35 miles

You can park your car in Dover (Ferry car park closed for repairs)
and ride your bike to the ferry or you can take your car across on
the boat and park it in the Calais ferry car park.

The P&O ferry times I am looking at are 07.35 going out and the
18.50 returns.

The cost this year I think is a bit high. £40 returns for you and
your bike and £97 return for a car. My advice would be to book 28
days before we leave to get a cheaper price and use the phone so
you can haggle 08716 646664.

I know last year a couple did a late booking paid something like
£10 each return and got three bottles of wine! Please let me know
if you want me to book you in for lunch at the restaurant

This will be a combined club run with the San Fairy Ann Easy Riders,
The Wednesday Wobblers and the De Laune O.A.P’s

Kav 01622 726959

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