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Hello Mark
Many thanks for sending me the lovely picture of my grandfather Will Condy
on his bike and my Uncle Charlie behind him. They would both have been just
over 20 when this was taken , no – actually Charlie would have been 19. They
look so much older.

I can well remember them sitting either side of the fire talking over some
difficult hill they climbed or the ‘London to Brighton’ ! Cycling meant so much
to them both. It must have made them healthy too, both lived to over 90. I
think Walter died in the war, but I’m not certain. There were other brothers
too, but they didn’t take such an interest in cycling.

With regard to the pictures that I would like the club to have, it’s probably
best if I keep them until the new home for the club has been settled. I will keep
them safe, and then perhaps you would let me know when you have a wall to
hang them on !!

We will have to work out a way of getting them to you. I guess you live in South
London ? I live in Mid-Wales. However there are occasions when we come over
your way during the year and I’m sure something can be arranged.

I am pleased that the club wants the pictures, they are part of the club’s
history after all.

So I will wait until I hear from you either later in the year, or early next year.

Very best regards
Janet Austin

Thank you for your mail and I can tell you from our records that Walter died
in 1932 the same year that I was born.

I am hoping that Janet can let me have photographs of the posters, Ed.

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