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Thank you for your email, I found the old pictures of the club very interesting

My grandfather, Will Condy, and his
brothers Charlie and Wally were
members of the club back around
1900 ! There are some lovely pictures
of them all in the book.

I have 4 original posters of De Laune
events – sadly undated- but I would
guess from around 1910. These are
the pictures I wondered if the club
would be interested in. They are
beautifully framed and the colours
are still vibrant, however neither my
children nor my grandchildren would
want them, and it would be a huge
shame to let them go anywhere else
but the club.

The details of the posters are

1) Tea and Garden party at “ Duke of Edinburgh “ Morton, Saturday 4th June
2) Annual Dinner at the “Horns” November 28th ( chairman F. Clay )
3) Cinderella at the “Horns “ February 24th ( M.C.s A.S. Bannell and C.D. Hume
4) Tea and Garden party at “ Duke of Edinburgh “ Morton Saturday 16th July

I would guess all different years. Each has a lovely illustration, as I said,
originals not prints.

I think Morton should read Merton, .

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