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William F Condy - Club Captain 1909-1911
Walter Condy - Social Sec. 1910-1911
William F Condy - Racing Sec`1908-1911
Walter was the Club Champion for the 25 Mile race

           1901 in a time of 1:19:30
" " " " " " " 1903 in a time of 1:18:25
William 1907 in a time of 1:14:00
" 1908 in a time of 1:13:43
Walter was awarded the Gold Badge of Honour in 1910
Charles set the Hill climb record on Tilburstow Hill in 1911
In the eight years from 1901 most of the major prizes were shared by 4 men
Will Le Grys and the Condy brothers.

1909 Walter organized the " Coming of Age" dinner at the Manchester Hotel
Charles was still riding his racing bike in his late 70's and had made a visit
to Herne Hill on Good Friday 1948

1915 it was agreed to publish a weekly News letter to keep the members
serving in the Armed Forces up to date 220 of these were published the last
being April 1919, a Condy was one of the Editors. (

On behalf of the Club I would say we would love to have the posters, at present
we are using the Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Clubs clubhouse which is
soon to be rebuilt and we should be able to hang them in the new building if
we did move it would be to the new Herne Hill Velodrom building which is being
built this year of which we have contributed to.

I am very interest in the history of our club as is our ex Archivist who still
has some of the clubs records, I recently got a De Laune silver medal on ebay
which had been won by a ex member in 1939, I also hold the portrait of our
founder Capt A. Fauce DeLaune.
Should you decide to present them to the Club and depending where you are
situated I would be happy to collect the from you.
Kind regards

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