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Laune member, stopped to help and encouraged him to join. That was June
1952 and he has been a member ever since. From there he enjoyed every
aspect of cycling including touring, Road Racing, Time Trials, Track and Rough
Stuff. Competition did tail off for a while around 1962 on his marriage to
fellow cyclist Val. In 1978 he teamed with Peter Crofts of the Southborough
& Dist Whs and broke National Tandem Competition 25 record and the SRRA
25 and 50 records.

Tony's true love remains Time Trialling eternally aiming to reach the top 12 in
the BBAR after coming 13th twice. He still holds his club's 50, 100 and 12
hour records set in the early 1970's.

He has been the De Laune's General Secretary, TT Sec, RR Sec, Clothing
Sec, Runs Captain, Magazine Editor, along with other posts. They honored
him with Life Membership in 1986 for his service to the Club. He joined the
SEDC committee in 1968 and became their Secretary in 2003. He was on
BCF SE committee for 3 years, Director of SE Centre of Excellence for 2
years, 12 years Regional Coach for BCF, marking exam papers and assessing
prospective BC coaches for 15 years.

Tony was fortunate in having supportive parents in his early years and latterly
an encouraging family, an issue he deeply appreciates. His father unwittingly
instilled a sense of duty for cycling which is why Tony takes a pride in being
an administrator, promoter, timekeeper and course measurer – anything to
make our sport tick.

Be warned he is threatening to make a comeback this year – one of the oldest
comeback riders at 80 !!! Watch this space.


He was particularly proud of the
fact that he follows in the
footsteps of 'Chip' who gained
the award himself in 1978. No
other De Laune members have
been recognised in this fashion
by this organisation. The
Assocition and subseuently the
trophy was instigated in 1944
and this trophy has been
awarded without fail since.

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