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I had an e-mail from a lady who was trying to contact the club and she said
that there was no way on our club web site how to contact the club. But she
did find my e-mail address. She was the Grand daughter of a member who
was in the club around 1910.

Hi Janet
It is always nice to hear from some one who has some interest into our club
and we get quite a few of these, at the present time we do not have an
Archivist in the club. Regarding photos I have put copies of all the clubs
photos onto the internet and these can be found at the following link, over
900 pages.
As all of our records are stored away may I suggest in the first place you let
me have the detail you require and if I can not help I can talk with one of my
club mates, I have been in the club since 1949.
You have my email address and my phone number is 01883 627809 if you
want to talk.
Hope this is of help
Mark Ballamy

Dear Janet
I have found a few references to the to the Condy, Wal, Will and Charles
brothers that may be of interest to you.

The Club's first captain was Charles Southon 1889-1893 (we think he could
be related to Catherine Southon who I think you would have seen on TV) he
was presented with a writing desk for his services to the club, I have this
standing on a table on my landing.

Frederick Clay was the club's President 1898-1909 he was succeeded by
Alured Faunce De Laune 1909-1947 and we are still in touch with his Grand
son who shares the same name lives in Australia and is an Honorary member
of our club.

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