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Club runs

      We are reintroducing club runs or as this is a pre- lycra term we will call them

      We are starting fortnightly and depending on interest these can be added to
       later. They will be social rides with a short tea/coffee stop of about 30 miles.
       No one will be left behind. Can't say there won't be hills as we can not ride
       far and avoid them around here. What I can say is that everyone will stop at
       the top and wait. If you want to challenge yourself the hills will give you a
       chance to stretch your legs. For the rest of us just getting up them at our own
       pace might be the challenge. We will regroup at the top to get breath back
       before setting off again.

       Everyone is welcome but non members please contact us please so we know
       you are coming.

      The  rides  are  starting  from  Hayes  Railway  Station.  Station  Approach,
       Hayes.Kent .(Roy's idea but great for me)We will leave promptly at 9 O'clock

                     Sunday      9th April         Deb's ride
                     Saturday  ,22nd April         Roy's ride
                     Sunday      14th May          Deb's ride

       If anyone wants to know more please email me
       Look forward to seeing riders and hoping for good weather
       Debbie ( Debbie v43@

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