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I will again be organizing the day trip to France on Saturday the 27 th May
       2017. This will be the same route as last year, to our favourite Restaurant,
       La Fregate, by the lake at Ardres. Again we will have our coffee stop in Guines.

      This will be a flat ride of about 35 miles  following the river Guines most of
       the time. I must repeat that this is a club run and not a race!  We will go as
       fast as the slowest.

      Who will be going? We have a few of the San Fairy Ann “Wobblers” and a few
       of the De laune OAP’s

       How do we get there? You could park your car in Dover and ride your bike on
       to the ferry, or you could take your car on the ferry and park in Calais ferry
       car park.

      What will it cost? If you take your bike only, it will cost about £24 and if you
       take your car you are looking at £99. My advice; leave your booking until the
       last moment as the price will tumble. I know some of our guys  last year paid
       about £10 per bike and got three free bottles of wine!

      The ferry going out will be the 07.35 with P&O and return will be on the P&O

       If you want to go please let me know so I know how many to book for at the

       Most importantly, we will go out at a steady pace. As I have said, this is a
       club run. I know that last year, on the return, some of the riders got a sniff
       of the way back, and the pace went up. That is fine, so I will have two groups
       coming back, the racers and the club run.  If I remember, two of the so-called
       racers got lost and ended up in St-Omer

       If you want more information please email me.


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