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Pleased  to  report  that  Christian  has  now  placed  the  new
       order for the Bioracer kit which has a due date of 17 th April – you never know
       it might just be available at the AGM – an even greater incentive for you to
       come along to Herne Hill for the AGM on 22 nd.    Should you attend, you can
       hear, express an opinion and vote on our possible donation to the Herne Hill
      Velodrome Trust, to enable them to install a resident friendly PA system.
      To be able to vote you must be a full member or life member of the club.

              The AGM is a significant meeting and one that as many members as
       possible should endeavour to attend.   It is your main avenue to let the
       committee know whether the tasks they are carrying on your behalf, in the
       name of the De Laune, is in the right direction.    It is also your opportunity
       to  volunteer  to  undertake  an  official  post,  in  order  that  the  wheels  run
       smoothly and keep up with the ever changing world in general.     All views and
       opinions are very much appreciated.

              Can I remind all members that the first club open time trial will be run
       by Tony on 21 st May.    This is the Fred Peachey Memorial 25 – the 48 th year
       of promotion.    Although the open 25 has been promoted for longer than 48
       years, it was only in 1969 that the event took on the mantle of the Fred
       Peachey Memorial in recognition of the contribution that Fred made to the
       club over many years.    At the moment we have many volunteers but it would
       be brilliant to have lots of riders displaying the chocolate, blue and white of
       the club.    This event is also designated as the Club Championship 25 and
       Novices 25.     In club terms a Novice is classified by not having won an award
       for gaining a scratch placing in the first three in any Club or Open time trial.

              Look forward to seeing you all on 22 nd April at Herne Hill.
      Val the Peach

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