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a new PA system designed to give clear sound onsite but be non-intrusive
      to the neighbours. It will also have a clear message printed on each of the
      speaker poles to say ‘Donated by De Laune CC’, to enable people to get to
      know who we are again. The agreement will include an additional banner on
      the new grandstand, and enable us to meet there regularly for committee
      and social meetings.

      Under our Memorial Fund rules, any proposal that involves us spending part
      of the capital portion of the Fund needs to go through the process of two
      General Meetings, with Ordinary and Life members being able to vote by post
      too (details in the accompanying Agenda).

      I know that some members voiced opposition to this proposal early on, before
      all the details were known. The committee and I really want to carry the rest
      of the Club with us on this, because we think this is an excellent way to use
      what is no more than approx. 10% of our total Fund, and it presents us with
      some great opportunities to grow and re-establish ourselves as a Club. If
      you have any unanswered questions about it, do please raise them with one
      of us.

             Max Dods Memorial Ride and BBQ

                            Sunday 30th July

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