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h           April 2017               No. 1017 - 88  Year
              CLUB NIGHT
            SECOND MONDAY             1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            OF EACH MONTH
          S & M CRICKET CLUB              CYCLING CLUB

                                            It was great to be in the new pavilion
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      last Sunday (19 th March) for our ‘De
         61a Burns House                    Laune Future’ meeting, and I was very
            SE17 3SX                        pleased to see more than 20 people
               020 7735 9605                there assessing ways to move us all
                                            along  a  bit  and  draw  in  some  new
            ROY SAVERY        members too. We had some useful discussions about
             01959 777455     what  makes  people  join  clubs  in  general,  what
                              discourages them from joining, and most importantly,
          JEREMY WHITE        what we can change – or build on what we do already
          101 Manor Park      to  put  us  back  on  the  map  and  show  we  have
                    London    something to offer.
                  SE13 5RQ
            07565 151457      Looking through the comments that were made, it
                              all boils down ultimately to how we communicate.
           VAL PEACHEY           ·  How the world sees us – how much are our
            63 Beverley Road         key target groups even aware of us at the
              Maidstone              moment, and do they see us as a club they
          Kent ME16 9DU              might join?
            01622 727649

            MEMBERSHIP           ·  How the committee is communicating to the
         388 Elmers End Road         members, and areas where that can be im-
             Beckenham               proved:  there’s  a  strong  time-trial  bias  in
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                                     the committee, whereas we could be catering
            0208 658 7419
                                     much  better  for  road  racing,  track  racing,
                                     sportives, off-road etc.

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