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This will be my 60th birthday ride with tea/coffee and cake
         back at my house in Hayes. All

         welcome even if you don't fancy
         the  ride.  We  will  be  back  from
         the ride by 12 so tea , coffee and
         cake will be available from then
         on. Please make a note in your
         diary  and  I  have  booked

       Hi Mark
       I'm really well thanks not cycled for quite a while now but still read the delaune
       news. I've got 3 club record plaques the BARR as well as the 10 & 25, I will
       post them to you next weekend if that's ok. Regards Chris

      We have now received these. Chris is no longer a member.


       I had a long phone chat with Walter Xerri who recently re-joined the club after
       many years.Wally suggested that it would be nice if the club had a address
       book of past and present members, he has one from the National Association
       for retired British Transport Police Officers of which he was one for many
       years (1966-89) after he returned to the UK from America where he served
       in the US army (1958-66) and saw service in Germany, Japan & South Korea.

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