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De Laune training Session to the Olympic Velodrome

The Clubs first visit to the Olympic velodrome for training was very successful.
We had thirteen club members , and 3 non members. The session was run by two
experienced coaches, namely Terry Blake & Geoff Wiles, everyone thought that
it was well run, one comment was

“The coaches gave good clear instructions, and made you feel safe”

Having sixteen riders of variable abilities meant we were split into two groups,
experienced & non experienced there were seven experienced, and nine non
experienced. This worked out fine.

We had two hours workout which was very enjoyable, most were asking when the
next one would be. The charge for each rider was £10 which they all thought was
very good value for a two hours session, in fact one of the non club members
offered me £20! I said no but he insisted until I told him they were all paying £10.

There will be another one ,but not yet as there are no week-end slots available
until after September, If you all let me know you are up for the next session I will
get the order in as soon as they become available.

The list of club riders who attended:-

      Dave Haggart                          Roy Savery

      Jayne Wadsworth                       Steve Pavett

      Juliet Sprake                         George Lewis

      Steve Valentine                       Brian Ddacey

      Michael Valentine                     Peter Jenn

      Simon Lowe                            Alan Rowe

      Steve Carter-Smith


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