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only had one day in Durango and then were off to Ouray, and then Snowmass,
before pressing east and finishing up their holiday.

                                                        Hi John
                                                        Thanks for posting those
                                                        photos – they’re great and
                                                        reflect a really nice ride with
                                                        you around Durango. The ride
                                                        was perfect for our ability
                                                        and fitness so thanks for
                                                        gauging that well. We wished
                                                        our trip to Durango had not
                                                        been one of just passing
                                                        through as it seemed like a
                                                        great place. In Ouray we did
                                                        a marvellous, beautiful hike
                                                       “Bear Track” I think it was
                                                        called. We mountain biked
                                                        again in Snowmass which
                                                        was different again.

                                                                     Suzanne and Mike

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