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28th June - Thanet RC 25 - Q25/10

             Winner Chris Fennell 51.47

Mark Gidney  1.4.47

Alan Rowe    1.6.44

This event qualified as our own Club Championship.

             2nd July - PMR 10 - Q10/1

           Winner Pete Tadros 20.11 Course Record

Malc Adams   27.44

                       5th July - VTTA (Kent) 10 - Q10/30
                              Report from Mark Gidney

The alarm went off at 4am, I sprang (OK dragged) myself out of bed and drove
down to the Q10/30 passing 3 badgers on the way, I am sure one was an
albino !!!

Found the HQ, got bike ready and headed to the start, 4 miles away so plent
of time to warm up, not that you needed much o get you seating as it was
a very warm morning and for once no wind. I quickly got into my stride and
managed to hold off my minute man almost until the turn, heading back to
the timekeeper I was tring 100%. I spotted the checker board at the finish
and sprinted like Cav (well not really like him but …) I managed to stop the
clock at 23.56, well pleased as I was hoping to get inside 24 minutes. Alan
and Malcolm were the other 2 De Laune members. Alan clocked 23.43 and
Malc 26.06. Alan was first vet on standard and together with Malc they
were the first vets team on plus. Fastest of the day was Pete Tadros in
19.40. Would be good to see some more members enter next year as its a
really nice fast and mega safe course with very little traffic on a Sunday

Malc Adams    9th July - PMR 10 - Q10/1
             Winner Chris Fennell 20.26


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