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Hi Mark,  Monday 29th June 2015.

          Jead and I have been in the UK now for just over two months; we are
currently in the Cotswolds. I was hoping to see you on this trip but was told
by Don and Beryl that you are away in Scotland for the summer. We return

to Thailand ourselves on the 24th July. I still have other commitments on this
trip so will not be down in Peacehaven until about the 14 th July thought you
might like to know this; This morning we were in Chipping Camden and I
remember the times when I used to meet Frank Holland and bring him down
to London once in a while for an important DeLaune CC meeting. I have just
done up my diary notes of today’s activities. Please read the highlighted
notes below:

We both slept extremely well last night; we arose at 6-30 am to bright
sunshine streaming in from one of the bedroom windows. I remember visiting
Welford on Avon over forty ago; we had been invited over to Mr & Mrs Grove’s
house; they lived near the River Avon at Welford on Avon at that time. Mr
Grove was my solicitor for a long time when I was in business up in Birmingham.
He was a charming, friendly man, much older than me who always gave me
excellent advice to which I paid attention. My Grove passed away about the
time I went to live in Thailand so I never saw him again. Our B & B is in Long
Marston, another charming village just a mile or so from Welford on Avon.
The villages around Stratford on Avon all date back to Elizabethan times and
before. When I resided in Aqueduct Lane; Alvechurch village whilst not that
near Stratford on Avon was of the same time period or prior; and is
mentioned in the Doomsday book. Pestilence Lace was where hundreds of
poor souls were buried when the Black Plague was at its height.

          Today we set off to Chipping Camden only 5 miles away. We left at
11-30 am in warm, almost hot sunshine. We drove slowly and leisurely over to
Chipping Camden arriving there at around noon. We easily parked the car in
the center of town and walked the full length of the main High Street. It was
very good; I had plenty of time to take a good look at the architecture as we
walked along.

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