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Jayne's Extreme Bike Race

          At midnight on Friday the 24th of July I will
          be on the start line of the Transcontinental
          race , my next adventure! Below I have
          written a brief summary of the ride and as
          it is such an epic challenge I am trying to
          raise some money for charity so I have also
          included my Just Giving page should any one
          wish to donate. I would really appreciate it if
          you could include this in the next DLN?

          Every day I hope to post a few words on my
          Face Book page - Jayne Wadsworth. not sure
          if you are on FB but if you are then perhaps
          you could collect the posts and include it in

the DLN?

As you may know I recently cycled from London to Utrecht to raise money
for The Light Fund 310 miles in 4 days. It seems this was just a warm up for
me. As of Tuesday this week I secured a place as part of a female pair in the
Transcontinental Bike Race. The race starts in Belgium and finishes in
Istanbul 4200km with @ 39,000m of climbing!

The event is unsupported so we won't have the luxury hotels to check into
nor are we even issued a route, we have to plan everything for ourselves and
as the race manual says if you get lost then get unlost!

We start at midnight on the 24th of July, no training for me, and aim to finish
by the 8th of August in time for the Finishers party, that's an average of
300km every day for 14 days. Our route takes us through Belgium, France,
Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece and
Turkey. Oh and I haven't actually met my partner yet!

This will be an epic challenge both physically and mentally and so I am hoping

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