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23th July At Dover waiting for the ferry. Huge delays grrrr
24th July Last nights acc, very nice. Think it might be downhill from here!

           You can follow the geographic location of all competitors on
  We are rider number 178,
           look towards the back of the field for us!

           We have spent the day trying to fix Katie's bike, her frame was
           cracked on her flight to the UK. Looks like all sorted at last.
           Race briefing complete, hoping for a couple of hours sleep
           before our midnight start. We are almost on our way!

25th July  First day completed 325km yay! We rode 2 laps of The Murr thru
           Belgium thru Northern France, in darkness, and into The
           Champagne region where we were hit with about 5 hours of heavy
           rain and high winds, the wind continued all afternoon.
           We are both shattered!

26th July  Today's drama was my having to ride the final 100 km of our
            300km ride having removed my MTB cleats from my shoes and
            thus balancing on a small spd pedal. Difficult at the best of
            times but once the rain came down almost impossible! Basic
            school boy error I should have worn my road shoes the MTB
            shoes have given me a very sore knee. So off to do some
            shopping for new shoes/pedals en route tomorrow. Ventoux the
            day after so got to be ready! (See page 27, Ed)
           We left Troyes this morning at 04:00 and are now in Macon so
           today it seems we have done a tour of a few wine regions rather
           than champagne. We may have made an error in choosing our route
           today as it seems 99% of competitors took a longer, flatter route
           which seems was ultimately faster. We found ourselves on an
           endlessly undulating piece of Tarmac for 100km but Katie tells me
           it's all good hill climbing practise ahead of Thursday. over

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