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to raise a bit more money for The Light Fund along the
way. It's a bit cheeky to ask as you have all supported this
charity so much recently but if you did want to sponsor
me here is the link:
And if I can work out how to do it I hope to post a blog
every night of the trip so you can keep an eye on our
Many thanks

                          THE LIGHT FUND

                         Charity Registration No. 1145596

                 The Light Fund is a fund-raising body set up in
                  2004 by like-minded members of the licensing
                  industry in the UK to raise funds for specific
                  charitable projects aimed at men, women and
                  children. Details of the causes supported and
                  more information on the Light Fund can be
                  found at

          Please support Jayne

   If you want to know more
          about the race go to:

                        Transcontinental Race



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