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I hope you and Marjorie are well and having a good summer in England.

Mike and I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the US for my 50th
birthday – hearing that will make some people feel really old! Mum/Dot Fuller
thought De Launies past and present might like to see some photos of us
cycling in Colorado. The mountain biking photos are in this link:
together/ I don't mind which ones you pick but the close up ones of both of
us are perhaps the best - the second one and the third from last. Note that
the guy that wrote the piece got my name wrong.

We also did a 7–day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon which was an amazing
experience of a lifetime really – and there couldn't have been a better time
to do it! Photo attached. If anyone wants a great adventure, I'd highly
recommend it.

Dot also says hi to everyone. She has just returned from Philadelphia where
she spent four weeks with her nephew and his wife. She is still going well at
82! She follows what's going on at 'home' and noted that the Herne Bay BBQ
is this coming weekend. I know she misses those events and her dear friends.

Kind regards

The Couple That Rides Together…

  By John Robinette on Jun 28, 2015 in Mountain Bike Blog | 1 comment
I was very happy to be able to fit Susan and Mike in for a morning ride Friday
without much notice. The couple, fresh off of a 2 week raft trip through the
Grand Canyon, were looking to get active after 14 days of water aided travel.
As usual, we did not disappoint. These two, originally from England but living
in Australia the last 20 years, typically road ride and mountain bike on
occasion. They both were in great shape and able to cover some serious
ground. We ended up riding 16.7 miles and gaining 1,607 feet in elevation. They

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