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Mike Rice
Following on from the request to include more racing results, please find below my
results from April onwards. I’ve tried to ride most weekends and at the Herne Hill
track league each week. Unfortunately my road/circuit results seem to have generally
gone backwards since the start of the year, but I’ve gradually improved on the track.
I think the road may be down to crashing in April in one of the LVRC events after I
added a note to the last results I sent in encouraging members to do the events
because they were safer than BC races!

18th April Herne Hill Veterans League         5 wins
19th April Herne Hill Spring Omnium           5th overall 3rd 10 mile
16th May Herne Hill Veterans League           4 wins 1 2nd
20th May Herne Hill track league              3rd 10 mile
7th June Herne Hill VCL Open Meeting          4th 15 lap scratch
20th June Herne Hill Veterans League          4 wins
27-29th June BC Masters Track champs (E Cat)  3rd points race, 4th scratch, 8th
8th July   Herne Hill track league            1st 20 Km
15th July  Herne Hill track league            1st 20 Km, 2nd 10 lap scratch
18th July  Herne Hill Veterans League         4 2nd places.. (Antony Wallis
19th July SE Region track Champs              6th 20 Km, 6th Points Race

10th May LVRC Cycleware Swindon               6th overall 3rd B Cat

17th May LVRC, Ford CC Velopark               3rd overall 2nd B Cat

24th May LVRC, Redhill CC Road Race           16th overall 7th B Cat

30th May BC Masters National Road Race        (E Cat) 14th

31st Ma    LVRC, Cyclo Uno Spring Road Race   11th overall, 5th B Cat

14th June LVRC, Eagle Road Race               22nd overall, 8th B Cat

5th July   LVRC, Dave Griffiths memorial      14th overall, 5th B Cat

12th July LVRC, Verulum CC Leg Buster         18th overall, 8th B Cat

As a footnote to the article Val added to the DLN last month on our open 10 from

1983 when Dave Lloyd broke comp record, I can remember drawing up and writing

the start sheet for the 240 rider field, which Eddie Starsmeare organised and doing

a “PB” 23.37, I was 2nd juvenile although fortunate that most of the best juveniles

at the time were off doing the GHS 10!

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