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tracking system that gives excellent statistics on her progress. This amazing
race is the kind of irresponsible thing you should do when you're twenty, like
former club member Sam Fensterheim's epic ride to Tehran in 2010, eating
mostly bread. Jayne has passed her 26th birthday (possibly a couple more
– I haven’t asked) and has done this kind of thing before, so ought to know
better. All the more reason to sponsor her. See\Jayne-
Wadsworth/ We are sad that two members passed away this month, our
longest serving member, George Wood, who joined the Club in 1938, and Peter
Dawkins, who was a member in the 60s and 70s and was best man at Tony
& Val Peachey'swedding.

George, who owned a building firm, was best known recently for the popular
annual summer lunch hosted by his daughter Trish, though of course his
membership predates 1949, when 'A Century Awheel' notes that he
complained to DLN about the appearance of young DL members on club runs
who had taken to wearing Blackpool-type hats when they might get a
perfectly presentable cap for just three shillings. I understand Stack will tell
more about George elsewhere in this DLN, but his sad passing marks the
end of the pre-war history of the Club and hands it forward to mere

You will have probably heard about the new pavilion to be built at Herne Hill
Velodrome, and probably also just how many false starts there have been
along the way. I'm aware of rebuilding programs for the pavilion mooted in
1990 (when the track was rebuilt as 450m); another in 2003-4 which gained
planning permission but didn't manage to raise capital; another in 2011
followed by several iterations of the current design which has now passed all
levels of approval - planning, funding and lease arrangements with Dulwich
Estate - and building works will now begin in the Autumn for completion by
next summer. It is hoped to keep the rest of the site open as much as possible
while the works are underway.

After Chris Froome’s excellent 2nd tour win at the weekend, Britain can
celebrate another great bike race this weekend (Aug 2nd), as the Prudential
RideLondon-Surrey Classic road race takes place on the route of the Olympic
Road race from the 2012 Games. Just to make it interesting, 30,000

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