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Peter William Robert Dawkins.
                                  28th February 1936 - 9th July 2015

                          Pete, as he was known, was the son of Reg & Min
                          Dawkins. Reg and Min were very active in the club in
                          the 1950's – 1980's both on the social and for Reg on
the competitive side – it was therefore obvious that Pete and his sister
Jean would also become involved in one way or another with the Club.

Although Pete did not compete a great deal he enjoyed clubruns, touring and
the comradeship that the club gave him. I spent many holidays with Pete
touring Wales and the West Country on our bikes in the early 50's he was
always good company to be with, never at a loss for words. Pete was deferred
for his National Service into the army as he was serving an apprenticeship
for carpentry a profession he returned to when demobbed. I remember he
was involved in creating stands for major exhibitions at Earls Court and
various major exhibition halls both here and the continent. He lived just
a few yards away from us down here in Maidstone but moved up to Kings
Lynn Norfolk – not far from the chosen retirement area of Reg & Min in
Swaffham in the early 90's.

It was Christmas of 2014 that he first became unwell and went to the GP
for a checkup only to find the the presence of cancer, he was admitted to
hospital in February transferring to a care home in April from which he never

His funeral was attended by Val and I on behalf of the club (and ourselves as
Peter was the best man at our wedding in September 1962), various
members of his family, members and friends of the golf club where he was
both player and social member plus the British Legion where Pete and his
wife were regular attendees.


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