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cyclists will also be doing a sportive on the same route. Probably not a good
day for motorists to try and drive across London, but it should be a nice day
to cycle out somewhere to watch it all. Failing that, the BBC is covering it
as well.
I was thinking just how much cycling has risen in profile. 25 years or so ago
there may not have been a single British Rider in the Tour. 20 years ago the
thought of showing cycling on Grandstand was almost laughable to the BBC;
15 years ago British Cycling was just about dragging itself up by its
toestraps; 10 years ago Herne Hill Velodrome was actually closed. Since then
has been this amazing transformation of our sport, with dozens of Olympic
medals, four cyclists knighted, three Tour wins, Central London currently at
a standstill in order to build cycling infrastructure, and a fantastic embrace
of cycling by the Great British public. Long may it continue!


                    Go jayne

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