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To the best of my knowledge, I have at last managed to compile the current
standings in the Handicap and Vets Bar

If any other Vets have completed two ‘10’s & two ‘25’s please let me know
as I can no longer search by club or name on the CTT site for your results
due to their changes.

It would also be appreciated if all club members riding TTs would let me know
of their achievements as we progress through the season, thus making it
easier to ascertain who is leading or won our various competitions.
Congratulations to Roy and Alan as they pile on the records, both club and
Kent Vets. They will need a dinner plate each to display their achievements
this year the way they are going. Well done both of you.

Alan won both age standards inthe Kent Vets ‘10’ championship, and the
Open Vets award in the V.T.T.A Kent event on 5th July. He had a comfortable
win by 1min 06secs over Simon Henderson in the Kent Championship, but
Peter Tadros, In Gear Quickfit RT (Age 44), the fastest overall vet with 19.40,
was only 2secs adrift in the open event. Well done Alan

 On a final note, in the above mentioned event Alan & I, once again, became
the Kent Vets Group 10 mile team champions and have now taken the Ernie
McMillan shield more times than any other club’s pair of Vets over the years.
This was something we never thought we would win again after the change in
Vets standards several years ago. However, after Alan’s brilliant ride of
23.43, giving him a plus of 6mins.40secs, and my contribution of plus
4mins.17secs (26.06) we had a comfortable win by 1min 01sec over
youngsters, Simon Henderson (Age52) & Bill Hawkes (Age47) of my ‘other
club’, Thanet RC. We also took the team for Open Vets award by 45secs
from Peter Elms (Age 48), and Phil Bull (Age 59) of Velo Refined.

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