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.Any one remember him?
       Hi Contacted Matt Kirk who appeared on our stava site.Apparantley his dad
       Brian Kirk ride with the club 50 years ago and he thought it would be good
       to be in contact.
       Isn't the internet wonderful, don't know if we can sell him membership and kit

                      How to get youngsters joining in   !!

          After a stint of marshalling yesterday at the VTTA 50, Tony
       and I went back to the hall for a cuppa and a chat.    Gazing out
       of the window we spotted a youngish Dad exercising by pulling a

       huge roller along the perimeter of the cricket field accompanied
       by a young girl of about 4, on a bike, encouraging him on (he was
       probably child minding as far as his wife was concerned !).

          After the roller pulling, he then proceeded to run round the
       perimeter of the field, again encouraged by a furiously pedalling

          His  session  ended  by  undertaking  50  press-ups  on  a  step,
       outside of where we were standing, low and behold the youngster
       then got off her bike and proceeded to undertake some press-ups
       on the same step.    Her style left much to be improved on but
       what a wonderfully enlightening sight to behold.

          Perhaps we have a budding champion in that little 4 year old.


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