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Obsolete Clothing

          Although I have had the bag of obsolete clothing since the Open 10 at
       the beginning of June, I have only just had the opportunity to have a good
       look at it.

          It can be broken down into dustbin jobs, items that have been used and
       show some wear, items that have been used but are in good condition and
       brand new items.

       Some of these are carrying severe battle scars from road or track crashes,
       other are carrying many holes from years of number pinning on.    Quite frankly
       apart from sentimental value these would not really appeal to anyone, young
       or old.

      Track jerseys 1960-70 vintage.    All short sleeved, no pockets.
       1 white with blue/white/brown bands   Size small.
       1 silk type track vest light blue with brown/blue/white bands.   Size medium.

       2 heavy weight road jerseys (with pockets).   Both show wear, both have a
       sewn on red and white  DE LAUNE across the chest.     Tony is interested in
       one of these bands is anyone else interested  (I am willing to carefully unpick
       and preserve if necessary.

       Long sleeved skinsuit, the most recent Evans design with wavey lines.    Looks
       almost new but could only be used for training/leisure wear.    Size 4.

       1 st Evans design, long sleeved skinsuit in size 2.    Colours much darker than
       those presently being used.   Training/Leisure wear only.
       Short sleeved skinsuit - 1988 to early 90's main colour blue with block design
       of De Laune back and front but the blocks did not co-incide, colours very

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