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I got to know Dave shortly after he joined us and he became part of the De
       Laune darts team in the South London Darts League, of which I was captain.
       Dave was so keen that he would sometimes travel down from as far as
      Yorkshire after work for a match and return ’up North’ the next morning.

       Dave was one of the infamous De Laune card school, at the then clubroom
       in St Faiths Hall, along with Alan Rowe, Mick Dongworth, and myself.  He was
       also a very competent car driver, but bloody fast, and very often scary in
       fact. I navigated for him in the night car rallies organised by Dave Burfoot’s
       work place, Elliot Automation. Once in his Mini, driving on the Croydon Road
       towards Westerham I said to Dave “sharp right coming up”, “ no It’s straight
       ahead “ was his reply as his headlights picked out an avenue of trees (many
       of you will know this bend and straight on is Chestnut Drive, more or less
       where the Park Wood Golf club, where we have had our summer lunches), “Jez,
       your right” and as Dave swung to the right, the car lifted and I am sure we
       were on two wheels. Fortunately Dave kept control and we levelled out, and
       to this day, but for the fact that Joan, decided to come with us on this
       occasion and was sitting behind me, we would have rolled and I would not be
       writing this now. Dave’s reaction to it was his distinctive chuckle which was
       often used when thing didn’t go quite right.

       During the mid seventies David and Joan bought a bungalow in Botany Bay
       nr Margate, whilst still living in Beecroft Road, Brockley. This necessitated
       David, after a busy week at work, driving down at night, at the weekend, to
      ‘water the garden’ in the summer, and he would spend all-night with with a
       hosepipe,  giving it a ‘good soak’, the best he could considering the topsoil
       was on chalk. He would spend this time listening to the movement of ships
       on the radio, (also I think airplanes or was it the other way round?). I know
       he even made an earth mound in the garden so he could see the ships moored
       out at sea awaiting the tide and then the next morning returned home to
       Brockley. At some point Joan moved into the bungalow, whilst David was still
       in London, and Lyn and I made frequent visits, as we were now living in Herne
       Bay. I often called in on Joan, when out on the bike, for a cup of tea, giving
       me an all round 30 mile trip, and this continued until they moved up to

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