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Sorry it's another sad news thing.…

       Please excuse me it's been a long time since i was
       at a De Laune club dinner..…

       My  auntie  Joan  Hughes,  Davids  wife  has
       requested that she would prefer not to receive
       any phone calls
       at this moment in time which is understandable,
       until further notice.…

       I am Lee Collins, Son of Bert Collins, "De Laune C.C."
       I am sorry to inform you of the passing of one of the De Laune C.C. Members.

       David John Hughes passed away peacefully at his home in the early hours on
       4th May 2017, after having suffered cancer for one year or so…

       Sadly missed. R.I.P. My Uncle Dave. "Engineer" Cyclist…
       Please feel free to contact my Dad "Bert Collins" on : 020 8265 2622

       Or E.Mail: at my office in London:

       Kind Regards
       Lee Collins.

       David joined the De Laune in 1961 from the Rodney C.C. along with, (I believe
       from memory), Lenny Brown, Charlie Gosling, John Geoghegan , Kenny Legge,
       & ‘Tich’ Shambrook, and maybe others .

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