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P. 3           August 2017              No. 1021- 88  Year
                CLUB NIGHT
             SECOND MONDAY
             OF EACH MONTH                 1889 DE LAUNE 2017
            104 BURBAGE ROAD                   CYCLING CLUB
             LONDON SE24 9HE
                                               All the President’s pen

             PRESIDENT                      So that nice Chris Froome has won
        WILLIAM WRIGHT                      another Tour de France! I’m actually
         61a Burns House
           Kennington                       really confused how I feel about this,
            SE17 3SX                        because on one hand I’m amazed, and
               020 7735 9605
                                            on the other really quite nonplussed.
                CHAIRMAN                    I  just  looked  up  a  2007  quote  by
            ROY SAVERY        then-British Cycling President Brian Cookson, who
             01959 777455
                              said  he  had  revised  his  expectations  of  having  a
             SECRETARY        British Tour winner down from 20 years to 10 years.
          JEREMY WHITE       And as we now know,      Tour wins out of the last 10
          101 Manor Park      have been by a British rider. The nonplussed side of
                  SE13 5RQ    me has kind of come to expect it now, which I know is
            07565 151457      kind of unfair.

          RICHARD PREECE     The French don’t seem to like Froomey and Team Sky
             8b Wellfield Road  – it seems that the passion and unpredictability of
                  SW16 2BP
               07580 813114   the race has been drained out of it. Gone are the
                              mad  ‘mano  a  mano’attacks  on  mountain  stages  ,
            MEMBERSHIP        and a long breakaway that actually succeeds is a
         388 Elmers End Road  rarity, as much because of race radios as any other
             Beckenham        reason. Team Sky won around 40% of all the prize
           Kent, BR3 3HG
                              money in this year’s Tour with their clinical approach
            0208 658 7419
                              and marginal gains, not to mention their purchasing
                              power! But the heroism and romance of Tours in days
                              gone by is replaced by simple endurance and attrition,
                              and sadly doesn’t seem quite as exciting.

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