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based on the current and last three years times, this was not good enough
       for him. I often received a phone call from him, sometimes late in the evening,
       enquiring into the ability of certain riders he felt were likely to perform greater
       or lesser than the times on their entry forms. Sometimes this could be
       answered over the phone, but in the main it would mean me going around to
       his house to assist, and compare events I had ridden with the riders in
       question. We would go through the week to week results on various courses,
       ignoring the current and LTS times, all to get a more accurate assessment
       of riders’ probable times in the event . All this because Dave wanted his
       handicapping as near to perfection as possible. For years he tried to get all
       the field on handicap into the same minute, and this was in the days when
       we could have a full field of 120 riders, an achievement which he got quite
       close to but never quite made. He was one of the club’s timekeepers.
      All organising, so not much bike riding, but David did manage to race a bit in the
       sixties, and work took him away quite a bit, so no time to take it seriously. I know
       he raced when he was in the Rodney C.C. and whilst he told me of his achievements,
       the years have dimmed my memory as to what times he did.

       It would not be proper for me to mention the exact reasons for his leaving
       the club, but suffice to say the day he left was a sad day for many of us. We
       lost a great club member because he was highly principled, and I admired him
       for that. He stuck to his guns, but I know he missed the camaraderie he had
       enjoyed over the years, but no amount of persuasion would budge him from
       his decision.

        As this was written it evoked fond memories of our times together and we
       offer our sincere condolences to Joan at her sad loss.

       Dave you were a great mate through those years, may you rest in peace.

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