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On receiving the terrible news of the accident involving Kenny and Dave we
       were  greatly  shocked  and  it  took  a  while  to  register.  Once  more  our
       sympathies go to Pauline and their daughters and I could not allow myself
       not to express our sadness and pay tribute to him via the DLN. I could not
       bring myself to write last month but I have thought of him over the last few
       weeks and what follows is just a few memories.

       I first knew Ken back in the 60’s as we rode the same events, both being
       middle markers, but my main memory is that of us riding the Bournemouth
       Jubilee Wheelers ‘100’ on 2 or 3 occasions and our times were split by a couple
       of minutes, both of us hovering around the 5 hour mark, he beating me on
       one occasion, then me beating him. We also produced similar times in shorter
       distances and one year in the club BAR the difference was .186mph.

      At some point Kenny drifted away as did Dave and it was some 40 years
       before they both rejoined us, no doubt at the instigation of Lenny Brown. All
       three of them were members of the Meridian Cycling Club which was a social
       club comprised of cyclists from many South East Clubs, and their midweek
       runs were on a Wednesday and it was sadly on such a Wednesday the tragic
       accident happened.

       Kenny and Dave rejoined us about 10 years ago and were regulars at the
       Belgium Nights, along with their wives. He went on some of Kav’s French trips,
       the New Years Day walks, a regular at ‘our’ BBQ, the Newnham service, and
       many other club social events.

      Whilst I knew Kenny he was really a very quite conservative man and I knew
       little of him outside of ‘club life’. He will be missed, Rest in Peace my old
       clubmate, it was a privilege to have known you.

      Whilst this is a tribute to Kenny our thoughts are also with Dave, who suffered
       not only his injuries but the whole trauma of the accident, as did also Lenny
       who did everything he could for Kenny at the scene, our best wishes to you

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