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Ned Boulting is the guest of honour. Why not come and join us, it is always
a great day. Fuller details on all of the above events elsewhere, and if you
need to know more, e mail me or give me a ring.

Dave Haggart received an e mail from Iris Kenilworth in mid December to
say that her husband Paul had passed away after a year of illness. Paul
originally joined the club in our centenary year, introduced by Kevin Winstain.
He was only a member for about 3 years but rejoined us a couple of years
ago, after recovering from 2 big operations in 2010. Our sympathies go to
Iris and family.

There is one further event coming up and that is the VTTA (Kent Group)

33 & 50 Mile Reliability Trial on 8 February, unfortunately it clashes with
the cycle jumble so I shall take the easy option and sit in the cafe at Cyclo

That’s it, off to wrap some Christmas presents!


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