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Paul kenilworth

By Christmas card from his wife Iris, I have been
informed that Paul Kenilworth " lost is long battle
with ill Health and is no longer with us"

I have known Paul since 1990 we were recording
similar times and , at his request I rode a two up '25'
with him, he subsequently competed on some of the
west London courses that I did. Just before we
departed to Switzerland he approached me for career
advice , having been unemployed for 18 months ;after being made redundant
by JCB. After that we corresponded once or twice a year - mostly about the
jobs that he was doing.

Paul had a fight with Cancer (bowl & liver) between 2009 and 2012 ( briefly
covered in his DLN article), recovered then got knocked off his bike by a
motorist and sustained considerable injury , then recovered again . He emailed
me about it in 2013, after the event. I was then recovering from my hip
operation , he wrote to encourage me to get fit again and to aim to ride the
2014 OMA '10' which he planned to do as well.

I wrote to him in July this year to tell him I would not be able to get to the
event, got no response until the end of August when he emailed to say that
he had been in hospital since April and was then due out within the next weeks
, after open heart surgery.

Paul was a very kind and considerate man , a gentleman; whilst we were in
Russia he was so concerned about my being out of touch with the UK cycling
scene that he sent me his copies of Cycling Weekly after he had read them -
I had to stop him because the cost of postage was exorbitant .

Paul had a strong sense of humour and most of his correspondence consisted
of collections of jokes. Even in his darkest moments he was very positive
about life and will remember him as eternally seeing the opportunities rather
than the problems and upbeat about life in general.

Clif Pendleton

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